Friday, December 9, 2016

From Ms-Dos in the Garage to one of the worlds biggest InFluencers (Microsoft = LinkedIn)

Jeff Weiner's announcement last night closing the deal where Microsoft will acquire LinkedIn has probably just significantly shifted the dynamics of applications and Cloud based networking.

LinkedIn originally announced in June that they wanted to be acquired by Microsoft and it seems Microsoft jumped at the opportunity, with the deal sealed last night in about 5 months.

Now Microsoft owns the biggest VOIP application (Skype) as well as the worlds largest employment social networking service. WOW!

There are now, clearly, three major players in the Cloud services market, Google, Apple and Microsoft all competing to get access to as many people as they can. This acquisition just gave Microsoft access to the larges business orientated database in the world. WOW!

When Microsoft acquired Skype, they said not much would change, everything would basically remain the same, but there have been many behind the scenes changes, the most obvious, to me, was the linking of Skype Accounts to the Microsoft Live Account. Whether I like it or not, I now have a live:skypeid and my original skypeid has disappeared into the ether .. I still cannot figure out quite how this happened, but I kept getting a message saying my account is locked when trying to use my legacy id, eventually, I succumbed and linked my legacy id to my live id, which appeared to just "magically" happen. Was it something I missed, probably, but I could see no other way. Perhaps a clever placement of error messages and opt out links .

Will we have a live:linkedInId, probably .. Is it a good thing .. I do not know ..

I have been a linked in member since almost the beginning, I started a group expecting to get 30 or 40 users, it is now over 170K users .. There is no doubt that Linked In is a very, very powereful networking tool.

It remains to be seen how much Microsoft will try and influence its direction and leverage its capabilities .. Yes, last night's article clearly spells out what the next steps are, but lets see in 3 years time .. there will be more steps after that .. after all .. the collective public memory is relatively short. This will be the real test ..

Mark Cupitt

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